Hunter Biden calls laptop 'red herring' on 'Kimmel': It's my right to question what comes from Giuliani's desk

hunter-biden”>Hunter Biden< on Thursday night to promote his book and was asked about some of his controversies that have made headlines. 

jimmy-kimmel”>Jimmy Kimmel<

“However, what I didn’t take into account was the way in which they would use the perception against my dad,” Biden said in reference to his father’s political foes. “For that, I wouldn’t do it again for that reason.”

Kimmel then brought up the infamous laptop that Hunter Biden was asked about in recent interviews on CBS, in which he repeatedly said he didn’t know whether or not the device was his. 

“I’ve seen you on some interviews, you know, talking about the laptop … and when they asked you if that was your laptop, you say you don’t know, which is hard to believe unless you read the book,” Kimmel jokingly said, referring to Biden’s battle with drug addiction. “And then it’s like, I’m surprised you have shoes on.”

“The pants were the problem,” Biden joked. “Now look, I really don’t know and the fact of the matter is, it’s a red herring. It is absolutely a red herring. But I am absolutely, I think, within my rights to question anything that comes from the desk of Rudy Giuliani. And so I don’t know is the answer.”

“Did you wish you ever had AppleCare?” Kimmel joked, referring the tech company’s support service. 

The laptop became the center of a political firestorm in the final weeks of the 2020 presidential election after the New York Post published bombshell reports of emails that shed light on Hunter Biden’s business dealings overseas. However, social media giants and members of the media went to great lengths to prevent the story from being seen. 

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