Tucker blasts Utah's Republican governor for defense of 'racist' scholarship program

Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed us-regions Republican governor Spencer Cox on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” for supporting a college scholarship program created by the NBA’s nba, that discriminates prospective students based on race.

CARLSON: We have talked a lot about identity politics on the show. Not because we want to talk about an ugly subject. Race is an ugly subject. It’s not resolvable. There is a lot to say about it. It’s just a fact. Obsessing over it gets you nowhere. The left is obsessed with tribalism—dividing people in little groups by what they look like, dehumanizing them and treating them not as individuals but members of a herd—it’s disgusting. And yet, suddenly it’s the rule and corporate America certainly in politics and again it’s the currency of the left and you see it from Democrats all the time. What is shocking and really dispiriting is when you see it from Republicans. We call that out because we should. These are the people that should be pushing back and defending America from tribalism. 

Just yesterday Spencer Cox, the Republican governor of Utah was asked a question about a sponsorship program created by the NBA team the Utah Jazz. The team’s program gives out a scholarship to one of Utah’s in-state universites every time it wins a game. That is great. Here’s the part that’s hard to believe—it’s legal and it’s totally immoral—that scholarship is given on the basis of skin color. Kids with the wrong skin color, no matter how disadvantaged they are or no matter how qualified they are, cannot get a scholarship because they are the wrong color. So a normal person would have pushed back against it because it is racist, obviously, it should be illegal but Spencer Cox the Republican governor of Utah is totally fine with it.


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