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Bethenny Frankel says she has no political goals after her show is compared to Donald Trump’s ‘The Apprentice’

celebrity-news” target=”_blank”>Bethenny Frankel<tv” target=”_blank”>The Apprentice<. The show sees the Skinnygirl founder test a group of people who are vying for a chance to be second-in-command on the business tycoon’s executive team. 

During an appearance on Australia’s “The Morning Show,” the host drew the obvious comparison between Frankel’s show and Trump’s “The Apprentice,” which followed a similar format, to ask if perhaps she’ll follow in the former president’s footsteps and throw her hat in the political arena. 

“I really don’t think that I would be good at politics,” she said. “I’m very rogue, I don’t love playing by rules. Often when we’re having to deal with governments and bureaucracy, we can’t get anything done in the relief world. Maybe that is not the way it is in politics, I don’t actually know, but I don’t like the blame game and it seems like politics is a lot of the blame game.”


Bethenny Frankel opened up about a potential career in politics.

Bethenny Frankel opened up about a potential career in politics.
(Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

She added: “And this is not a joke, I’m really in pajamas for 95% of my life, and I don’t think that would really work in the political landscape. So, I just don’t think that I would actually be great at it.”

While Frankel doesn’t think she has the temperament to get into politics full-time, that doesn’t mean she thinks she would be bad at the work. She noted that she believes she would make a good mayor of new-york-city” target=”_blank”>New York City<

Although the “the-real-housewives” target=”_blank”>Real Housewives of New York<

Frankel’s new show comes after she announced in August she planned to exit the Bravo reality show after first joining the cast in 2008. She explained in April that her foray into the business and philanthropy world made her reconsider her role on the reality show. 

“It’s just not what I wanted to be doing anymore,” Frankel, 50, told paris-hilton” target=”_blank”>Paris Hilton<” podcast. “I didn’t want to be arguing about things that didn’t really matter anymore. It’s changed. I was there in the beginning when it was something that none of us really even knew what it was.”

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