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Levin goes off on reported anti-satellite weapons test ban, says decision endangers US, empowers Russia

joe-biden” target=”_blank”>President Biden’s< said on “The Mark Levin Show on Westwood One.”

Levin reported that the White House became alarmed after a similar Russian test created space junk, which if hefty enough can endanger other satellites or crash to Earth itself.

The move appeared to encapsulate a trio of Biden administration priorities: spite donald-trump” target=”_blank”>Donald Trump< will announce the move during a visit to a Space Force installation in Lompoc, Calif., Levin noted, adding that the U.S.S.F. is indeed both the newest branch of the U.S. military — and one conceived by Trump to defend against exactly such potential attacks from enemy nations, among other reasons.



“This has gone under the radar,” Levin continued.

“President Trump, having enormous foresight, created the Space Force … because space is being weaponized by the Chinese and by the Russians,” Levin said.

“They’re way ahead of us. Obama didn’t want to deal with it. He was too busy destroying the environment in Hawaii building a wall so the ocean wouldn’t affect his property.”

Levin said Harris’s announcement is an alarming way to respond to a Russian space test, even if it did create such a junk field.

“So the response is to unilaterally disarm? They have killer satellites up there — the Chinese do, the Russians do, so we need to catch up,” he said.

“So Biden says, ‘Did Trump do this?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘OK, can I have a vanilla ice cream? And since Trump did this I’m going to reverse it.'”

“And that’s [Biden’s] people too — they’re radical kooks — they hate this country — they hate the American people,” Levin said, reiterating that Biden has proven to take any action as long as it is the opposite of Trump, even if such behavior hurt the United States or its security.


(Morry Gash/Pool via REUTERS)

Levin read aloud from reportage on the self-imposed ban, noting it appears Biden and Harris are chiefly concerned with Russia creating space junk, not more dire characteristics of the situation.

“Russia’s creating too much debris in space, so we have to cut back. That’s like China creating all this carbon dioxide, so what do we do? We destroy our economic system,” he said of the Green New Deal push.

Levin said the proper response to Russia’s test would be to launch its own “killer satellites” to space in a Reaganesque peace-through-strength illustration.

Addressing young liberals who might agree with Biden, Levin noted that even the most minor action from an enemy satellite would eliminate their access to social media.

“For the millennials out there, they could knock out your iPhones — ‘Oh my gosh, no — say it’s not true,'” he said.


(REUTERS/Evgenia Novozhenina/Pool)

More importantly, he noted, an attack from a satellite helmed by Russia or China could wreck the energy or electric grid, weapons systems and other installations — adding that Biden also appeared to blame his decision once again on Vladimir Putin.

“Joe Biden is the biggest sap and lapdog for our enemies … the Ukrainians have had to beg, borrow and steal to get the weapons they need. The United States is … late while people are being slaughtered.”

“You don’t buckle into Putin with the pipeline and all the rest of it — you don’t buckle into your Chinese masters — you don’t buckle to the Iranians,” Levin said.

“You don’t leave the border wide open where young people die from fentanyl being shoved into this country by the wheelbarrowfull.”

“What kind of a nut is this?”

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