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Brian Kilmeade dismisses Bob Baffert's claim Derby horse controversy 'cancel culture': 'You're no Dr. Seuss'

“Fox News Primetime” host Brian Kilmeade sounded off after renowned horse trainer Bob Baffert pushed back on claims his Kentucky Derby-winning horse Medina Spirit was drugged before the race, as a preliminary post-race test reflected.

KILMEADE: “Here we go again — another major doping scandal gripping the nation this time in the king of sports. Medina Spirit — the winner of last week’s Kentucky Derby [is] under investigation after failing a post-race drug test. If a second test comes back positive, the horse could be stripped of the most prestigious title in all of racing.

At the center of the controversy is trainer Bob Baffert — who was banned from Churchill Downs — the home of the Derby — on Sunday. Baffert’s horses have been dinged for positive tests five times in the last year. 

He says all of those tests were eventually resolved, but some believe his credibility is in doubt. The banned substance that came up in the test is an injectible anti-inflammatory drug. But Bob Baffert says he would never give that drug to a horse.

Another possible reason for the positive test? Cancel culture. 

Cancel culture? Bob Baffert, you are no Dr. Seuss.


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