McDonald's drive-thru customer spots 'savage' sign telling people to be patient: 'No one wants to work'

Be nice to the people who actually showed up for work.

One of the main selling points of food is that the food comes out fast. Unfortunately, many food are apparently dealing with staffing issues at the moment, which can cause delays in the service.


Y’all, Our McDonald’s is savage AF ??

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Based on footage recently uploaded to social media, some restaurant workers are getting tired of people not being “patient” during this difficult time period.

A Tiktok user named Brittany Logan recently shared footage of a note she found at a McDonald’s drive-thru. In the video’s caption, Logan described the note as “savage.”


As it appears in the video, the note says, “We are short-staffed. Please be patient with the staff that did show up. No one wants to work anymore.”

The message appears to be referencing issues that restaurants have been having with staffing. In the video’s comments, several Tiktok users complained that due to fear of the pandemic and the expanded unemployment benefits, it’s apparently been hard to get restaurants fully staffed.

Several users who work in the food industry chimed in, with one reply saying, “It’s sad because it’s true. We’ve been trying to hire people at our restaurant and no one wants to work.”


Another user pointed out, “We’re so busy at my Starbucks that people are quitting… and one girl got hired and walked out on the job because of how busy we are.”

Many of the commenters were divided on what the problem is, however. One user wrote, “They make more money staying home, why go back?”

Another user, however, defended people not wanting to work at fast-food places. Their comment said, “Maybe if (the restaurants) pay good and respect their employees and think that they are actually humans, (the workers) will stay.”

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