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New homeowners find the most heartfelt message written on wall by family before them

A few weeks after buying a home, the new occupants found the sweetest thing. 

It was a message written on the pantry wall.

“My daughter was putting things away and saw it,” Susan Marie Smuzinsky of Newfield, New Jersey, told FOX News. “I got goosebumps and honestly a bit teary-eyed.” 

Smuzinsky had actually lived next door to the home for some time before purchasing it and knew a bit about the couple who lived there previously. 


“We knew them but not well,” she said, noting the area is very rural. “They were the second owners of the home and bought the house in 1971,” she said. “The husband passed away from cancer and the wife went into a nursing home a few years later.” 

The couple, she said, raised a family in the home. According to the message on the wall, the home had “many wonderful memories.” 

“We loved, laughed, cried and played here. We pray you will too. God bless,” it read.

(Susan Marie Smuzinsky)

Smuzinsky said the home sat empty for some time before being listed. And though she wasn’t considering buying a house, she went to see it when it went on the market because she was being “nosy.” 

“As soon as I walked in [to view it] I felt at home,” she told FOX News. “I kept thinking if someone else gets it my heart will be broken and I’ll have to move because I won’t be able to see anyone else in it.”


Smuzinsky did get those house, and now her daughter lives next door. “A parent’s dream,” she said, 

Susan Marie Smuzinsky (center) and her daughters Samantha Smuzinsky(left) and Danielle Smuzinsky (right).

Susan Marie Smuzinsky (center) and her daughters Samantha Smuzinsky(left) and Danielle Smuzinsky (right).
(Susan Marie Smuzinsky)

She has no plans to touch the message on the wall. 

“I just hope that if the previous family ever drives by,” Smuzinsky said. “they will see their home is being treated with care and respect and loved just as much as they loved it.” 

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