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Lawrence Jones asks dad who stood guard at school what we can do for kids' safety after Uvalde shooting

Texas father Eddie Chelby shared with Lawrence Jones on Saturday’s “Cross Country” school security measures after going viral for taking matters into his own hands by standing guard outside his child’s school in Killeen, Texas. 

EDDIE CHELBY: I just knew with the experience that I have being in the military for 11 years and then, I’m actually in the private security business right now, just volunteering your time in your own community is one of the biggest things anybody can do. And the impact that I could have had in that moment for the people of my area to just give them a little bit of a peace of mind and sense of safety in the last few days of school, it was the easiest thing anybody could do. And especially for me, I was available and I wanted to be there. 


I think that it all kind of starts from the bottom-up, but then we definitely need help from the top-down as well, whether that’s looking at lifting or reallocating budgets to increase the security measures that are at these schools right now or whether it’s seeking third parties to go and do a security assessment. A lot of these things are going to come down from state funding levels, federal funding, and we need help on both ends right now.


Texas father who stood guard at elementary school speaks out Video

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