Chris Cuomo shames Ted Cruz for going maskless months after anchor was warned by apartment management

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo put on a holier-than-thou facade Thursday while attacking Sen. ted-cruz”>Ted Cruz<, R-Ky., have declined to wear masks in the Capitol since receiving the vaccine months ago.

This did not sit well with the “Cuomo Prime Time” host, who has long had beef with the Texas senator. 

“Cruz explains, ‘At this point, I’ve been vaccinated. Everybody working in the Senate has been vaccinated.’ No, not your staff, not a lot of people in the media, they haven’t gotten it!” Cuomo exclaimed. “And the current CDC guidelines state very clearly that if you’ve been vaccinated, you gotta still keep taking precautions like wearing a mask. You can still get sick- you won’t be as sick, but you can give it to somebody else. So he’s not just wrong, he’s doing it for the wrong reason.”


However, Cuomo himself didn’t always take mask guidance so seriously. 

Last fall, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” reported that the CNN anchor was scolded by his apartment building’s management for not wearing a mask.

Days later, the New York Post reported that Cuomo was seen “hobnobbing without a mask” at a “downtown private members club.”

“He was not social distancing and was walking around indoors, shaking hands and greeting people without a mask. He was just hanging with Brooke Shields’ husband. It’s a double standard when his brother is attacking the restaurant industry and implementing all these senseless rules,” a source told the Post. 


Cruz himself fired back at Cuomo, invoking the nursing home scandal plaguing his brother, Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 

“Hey Chris — did your [brother] ‘believe in science’ when he sent Covid-positive patients into nursing homes, killed tens of thousands of New Yorkers & then repeatedly lied about it?? Oh, I forgot, CNN won’t cover that….” the senator tweeted. 

Masks aren’t the only guidance Cuomo skirted during the pandemic. The Post also reported that the anchor was spotted breaking quarantine and going on another property in the Hamptons last April as he was recovering from the virus, which led to a heated confrontation with a cyclist who called out the CNN host. 

Cuomo later infamously staged his own reemergence from his basement in a made-for-TV event despite public knowledge that he had broken rules set by his own brother, who was recently busted for granting prioritized COVID testing to his family in the early months of the pandemic as ordinary New Yorkers struggled. 

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