Ingraham accuses Fauci, Gates of being 'apparently fine with a forever pandemic'

Dr. anthony-fauci” target=”_blank”>Anthony Fauci<, Laura Ingraham argued Tuesday night.

The Ingraham Angle” host accused Fauci of “constantly shifting the goalposts” when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, medical recommendations and outlook. 

Earlier Tuesday, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius asked Fauci: “When do you think for us here in America, life is going to get back to something like normal? Is that September, November? Is it next year? What do you think?”

“You cannot give a definite answer when you have so many moving parts … when you give a definitive time and it doesn’t work out, they say, ‘Oh, the scientists were wrong. They gave us wrong information,'” Fauci responded, later adding: “If we really want to talk about true approaching normality, then we’ve got to attack this at the global level … whenever there is transmission and viral outbreaks throughout the world, the United States will always be in danger, no matter what we do.”


“Unless the virus is eradicated from every corner of the Earth, Fauci is saying, we can’t have our old lives back,” Ingraham stated. “So now we know. This was never about flattening the curve or saving the hospitals — a worthy goal. This was never about our needing to be patient and do our part. It was never about developing vaccines. It was never about how well we were doing vis a vis the other nations.

“Because if the virus is still present in a country, say, like Malawi, America is not safe. No normal. Can’t go back.”

The host reminded viewers that the left “loves the pandemic” because it gives them the opportunity to enforce their political will on the public under the guise of fighting disease.

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“They believe climate change means we will end up using less, consuming less, traveling less, which means we’re going to enter a period of slow, steady and permanent decline anyway,” she said. “We might as well get used to it … Remember, the climate nuts and irrational bureaucrats at the WHO [World Health Organization], they believe that it is immoral for the U.S. to have a higher standard of living than any other country.”

Ingraham then played a clip of Gates using figurines to explain to an audience that there must be a global pandemic response force akin to “firefighters.”

“He treats us like we’re eight years old,” she said. “China caused this virus. Let China pay to clean it up. But that would make too much sense and irritate Gates’ friends at the WHO. He is one of the WHO’s biggest donors, second only to the U.S. government. Now that Bill Gates has made his billions, why not use the pandemic to advance the great recess of capitalism?”


As for President Biden, Ingraham reminded viewers that his “entire mandate is solving the coronavirus pandemic. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“And now we find out it was a complete fraud. The men pulling his strings are apparently fine with a forever pandemic, as long as it allows them to stay on TV and as long as it gives the medical establishment unlimited power and resources again,” she said. 

“Republicans and anyone with common sense must not allow this madness, this destructive insanity to continue.”

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