Robert Gates confirms Biden did not support 'immediate action' on bin Laden

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates weighs in on the Biden administration’s plan to pull troops from Afghanistan, and whether then-Vice President Biden was against the Osama bin Laden raid on “Special Report.” 

ROBERT GATES: For a good part of the debate, I actually preferred, I had no doubt about the ability of the SEALs to carry out the mission, but I preferred the use of a drone. My worry was given my responsibility as secretary of defense, my worry was that whether or not the raid was successful, the Pakistani reaction would be so severe that they would cut off our supply line between Karachi and Afghanistan, and we would lose the war in Afghanistan almost overnight, but a couple of days before the raid I was persuaded that the raid was the best alternative. I called the national security adviser and told him that I supported going forward with the raid.

BRET BAIER: Biden was not persuaded?

ROBERT GATES: That’s my understanding.

The former defense secretary also discussed the United States’ obligation to help interpreters:

ROBERT GATES: I think we have an obligation to them, and we need to get them out and. Frankly, I think the way we treated a lot of the interpreters that worked we worked with in Afghanistan has been a disgrace. We have been able to get some out but not nearly enough. These people’s lives are going to be at risk in Afghanistan. Their lives and the lives of their families. They work for America. They risked their lives for our troops. We have an obligation to them, and if we fail to follow through on that obligation then shame on us.


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