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'Olympic failure': Ingraham sounds off on 'woke-ism' polluting formerly unifying event

Laura Ingraham laid out what she called the “Olympic failure” of this year’s games in Tokyo Friday on “The Ingraham Angle.”

The far left’s “woke” doctrine has infected yet another aspect of American, and in this case global, life, she said.

“We had obscene and unnecessary infectious-disease rules – even for healthy young athletes leading up to [the opening ceremony],” she said. 

“A ban on most spectators, and an overload of olympics” target=”_blank”>Olympians<

“Now there are millions of Americans disgusted by the U.S. Women’s soccer team not because they lost to Sweden, but because they used the international stage to insult our nation. This isn’t what the Olympics is all about.”

Ingraham went on to note that the International Olympic Committee, now led by 1976 West German foil gold medalist Thomas Bach, used to prohibit public protest at the games.

“But, no longer,” the host said. “Meaning, we are going to get a lot more, not less, of what we don’t want to see.”

She went on to describe the “absurdity” that the IOC promulgated by allowing biological male athletes to compete in women’s events:


“New Zealand’s Laurel Hubbard will lift in the superweight category – shamelessly taking a spot from a female competitor. Ditto for the USA’s Chelsea Wolf riding in Freestyle BMX – and Canada’s Stephanie Barrett in Archery,” Ingraham said.

“Just today it was announced that German Olympic gymnasts will be wearing unitards to combat sexualization in gymnastics. The Olympics has sadly become one more experience ruined by self-promoting wokesters. It is sad that some are more concerned about social media brand building when what we actually want is their great competition.”

“Today it’s a hard call as to which is more monolithically, militantly left-wing: Academia or the entertainment industry. Now, sadly, the same thing has happened to the world of sports, and in the end, no one ends up getting a medal.”

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