Michigan student government urges boycott of Israel amid clash with Hamas

The University of us-regions student government accused world-regions of engaging in “apartheid” and “ethnic cleansing” against Palestinians and encouraged students to boycott the nation as violence between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas continues to escalate. 

The Central Student Government (CSG) of the University of Michigan issued a press release on Monday claiming that Israel is actually Palestine and accused the Israeli government of committing “inhumane, international war crimes” against Palestinians since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

The students accused the Israeli military of murdering Palestinians in the Gaza Strip after over 20 Palestinians — including children — were reportedly killed in a Israeli airstrike that followed Hamas launching rockets at Jerusalem.

They also accused the Israeli government of engaging in “ethnic cleansing” against Palestinians and declared that the Israeli-Palestine issue is not a conflict, but “emblematic of Israeli settler-colonialism, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid.”


“In an effort to further suppress Palestinians, Israeli police and settler militias are currently targeting Muslims during the holiest month of Ramadan at the third most divine site in Islam; Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem,” the students alleged in their press release.

They also accused the Israeli government of targeting Palestinian “churches and other houses of worship” while threatening Palestinians of “all religions” around the globe.

Additionally, the group claimed that “anti-Palestinian sentiment has been allowed to run rampant” on the Univeristy of Michigan’s campus and said they were recognizing their own group’s “complicity with Israel’s violence” by taking part in annual trips to the nation “that supported the settler-state in its apartheid and occupation.”

“By extension, the University of Michigan remains complicit by choosing not to divest from Israeli companies profiting off of the settler state’s occupation,” the group continued, ending the letter by telling students to follow BDS-supporting social media accounts.


“The struggle for liberation is worldwide as the disenfranchised continue to fight the interlocked systems of deadly capitalism, colonialism, and imperialism that manifest in global oppression,” the students wrote while claiming that Palestinians have been “censored” and forced out of public discourse.

A spokesperson for the University of Michigan told Fox News on Tuesday that a “core value” of the school “is freedom of speech and respect for diverse ideas and viewpoints” and said that the CSG “does not speak for the University of Michigan.”

The University of Michigan CSG did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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