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Rep. Gimenez rips Biden's 'chaotic' immigration policies after border trip

Florida Republican Rep. Carlos Gimenez, who also sits on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, ripped President Biden’s border agenda in an appearance on ‘Fox News Live‘ on Sunday. The president’s polices, such as his decision to stop construction on the border wall and reverse the “Remain-in-Mexico” measure, Gimenez argues, are encouraging migrants to stream across the border at an alarming rate and are “enriching” multinational cartels.

ERIC SHAWN: First, the border right now. You’ve visited twice, you’re going to go back soon. To you what is the situation like and what should be done?

REP. CARLOS GIMENEZ: It’s chaotic and there’s a lot of things that bother me about what’s going on. The Biden-Harris policies are actually separating families at the border because young kids under 18 years old are allowed to stay on this side…That’s why we’re seeing so many unaccompanied minors crossing the border. Thousands and thousands of them, putting them at risk and danger. The policies are also enriching the multinational cartels to the tunes of hundreds of millions of dollars a month. We have policies now that we’re actually paying contractors on our side to not construct the wall. Hundreds of millions of dollars not to construct the wall. Part of that wall is also a levy system that is supposed to protect our residents and our citizens from flooding. That’s not being done. So there’s a whole myriad of stuff that’s happening at the border that concerns me and the policies of this administration are to blame for this surge that we’re seeing at the border.

SHAWN: That’s unbelievable that they’re being paid. How do we fix this?

GIMENEZ: We need to revert to some of the policies we had in the past. Holding asylum seekers on the Mexican side of the border will disincentivize people from coming. Look, if you know that you can get to the other side, to our side of the Rio Grande and basically be processed and released into the country, you know you have a really good shot at just staying here in the United States, which is your endgame. And so, the old policy of processing them at the other side of the border really reduced the likelihood that you were going to make it over successfully by 90 percent. And so people understand the odds and that’s why you have this huge surge.


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