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Robert O'Neill knocks New York Times book review referring to Usama bin Laden as 'devoted family man'

Robert O’Neill, the former U.S. Navy SEAL who shot and killed Usama bin Laden, took a swipe at the-new-york-times” target=”_blank”>The New York Times<

The review touched on the family drama among the bin Ladens, but also noted the terror leader’s parenting style, writing, “In the years before he was driven into hiding, he went to pains to ensure his sons were tough, taking them on arduous hikes in blistering heat and limiting their food and water. He refused to allow the use of any refrigeration or air-conditioning.”

However, the review’s title, which originally read “Osama bin Laden, the Fanatical Terrorist and the Devoted Family Man,” raised eyebrows on social media, including O’Neill. 

“Family man. He used his wife as a human shield,” O’Neill reacted, adding, “Lucky for me he was taller than her.”


Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, another former Navy SEAL, similarly scolded the Times, writing “Nothing screams family man like using your (multiple) wives as human shields.”

The Times has since retitled its book review, which now reads “A Fuller Picture of Osama bin Laden’s Life.”

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