Michigan lawyers charged in fraudulent debt-collecting scheme

Three lawyers in us-regions have been charged in connection with an crime” target=”_blank”>alleged scheme<

From left are suspects Marc Fishman, Alexandra Ichim and Ryan Fishman. (Genesee County Prosecutor's Office)

From left are suspects Marc Fishman, Alexandra Ichim and Ryan Fishman. (Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office)

Marc Fishman, president and CEO of the Fishman Group in Bloomfield Township, was charged with maintaining a criminal enterprise and obstruction of justice, while Ryan Fishman and Ichim, who both work there, were charged with conducting a criminal enterprise (racketeering) 30 counts of forgery and a count of obstruction of justice, according to The Detroit News.

Starting in August 2019, the suspects allegedly filed forged paperwork through the court in at least 30 cases, claiming the Fishman Group had legally served debtors. They would then allegedly use the court to try to get payments from people who had not been served and whom they had not made been able to contact, according to FOX 2.

In some cases, they would copy and paste information from legitimate documents, Genesee County Sheriff Christopher Swanson said. They also allegedly garnished wages from those whom they were trying to collect. 

Racketeering charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

The alleged scheme victimized people in Genesee County but officials said there are “hundreds and hundreds” more victims in the state, The Detroit News reported. 

Officials noted the law group has offices in Florida and Colorado, adding the scheme could be “national.”


“It’s greed. It’s simple greed,” Swanson said, according to FOX 2. “If it wasn’t for the courage of these victims and witnesses to come forward, we might not be here as soon as we are.”

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