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Ye says it 'drove me crazy' to not say he liked Trump, vows 'I will eventually be president'

Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, revealed the struggle he had to keep hidden his admiration for former President Trump around his liberal peers in the entertainment industry, who “bullied” him into silence. 

“It drove me crazy to not be able to say that I like Trump,” Ye said in his exclusive “Tucker Carlson Tonight” interview that aired on Friday. “It drove – because think about it, it’s me. Imagine me not being able to say what I wanted. What is the point of being famous? What is the point of having millions of people love your music? What was the point of having a voice if you can’t even use your own voice and connect it to your own opinions? That’s where the disconnect happened. That’s where the quote, I think wrongly diagnosed, that’s where the bipolarity is. Because you got something you’re thinking, but you’re told you’re not allowed to say it in public. Well I never actually told people that I like Trump when he was running because I was bullied by Hollywood.”

Ye added that others told him he was better off “biting [his] tongue” to protect his children and his marriage 

“There are so many fathers and mothers that go to work everyday, and they’re in a situation where they’re biting their tongue because they think it will be better for their children,” he said. “So even me in my position, I was biting my tongue on my political opinion because I thought it would be better for my children.”


Ye famously donned the red “Make America Great Again” cap during his visit to the White House in October 2018, causing a media frenzy during his meeting with Trump in the Oval Office. 

During the lengthy interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, while discussing his close relationship with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Ye said he would return to the White House, but not as a visitor. 

“I think it is insane for an administration to not use a talent like Elon Musk more. Like if I– or once when I, I will eventually be president before, you know, in my lifetime – but if I was in office right now, I would be meeting, I would be calling Elon everyday,” Ye told Carlson. “I’d have him sleep in the White House. I’d say how do we use our platform… as the most influential country in the world to show the rest of the world how do we live a simplified life? But our country is under attack. And media and industries outside of our country are doing anything to keep it as it was. And everyone is just afraid.”

Ye reveals why he and Obama's connection 'faded' Video

Ye spoke about his relationship with former President Obama, which has “faded” over the years.

“I was Obama’s favorite artist,” Ye said. “He actually met with me – Obama met with me and my mama to say that he was running for office back in 2008 and that he wanted the support. And everybody was so into this idea of a Black president.”

“And it’s also like how many of us are there? You know, Obama level, Ye level… just Black, you know, so brilliant that we cut through all of the lines of racism that you just can’t get rid of us. Nat King Cole level. Dave Chappelle level. So in some place, we’d have to be friends to get along because it’s like you are at that level… And that was me and Obama’s connection,” he continued. “But as soon as I wasn’t saying the things I was supposed to say as a rapper, our connection faded.”

“So you don’t talk to him anymore,” Carlson asked.

“I’ll talk to him if I see him,” Ye responded. 


The artist then spoke about the idea of a “Black Lives Matter office manager,” which he described as a “semi-influential Black person to become the face of a White company.”

“That means, like in the design world, in the art world, they actually would pick artists that were less talented than other artists based on their influence, not based on their actual work. Because everyone is vying for influence and an opinion. Everyone is afraid of losing their opinion,” Ye said. “They are just there for control. Steve Jobs talked about it. It’s the most important thing you can have, is control. Look at me. All the money, all the influence and I have to act a complete ass to have any say so of anything that my children are doing because that group of people have control and say so over all the children inside of the clan.”

DETROIT, MI - OCTOBER 26: Former President Barack Obama speaks at a rally to support Michigan democratic candidates at Detroit Cass Tech High School on October 26, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

DETROIT, MI – OCTOBER 26: Former President Barack Obama speaks at a rally to support Michigan democratic candidates at Detroit Cass Tech High School on October 26, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

“So that’s what these companies are set up for,” Ye continued. “That’s the type of CEOs they are hiring especially when the founders are out of there. They give the companies up to a bunch of people and they are all in cahoots. Like anyone that ever worked with me, they just look and say who is Ye farming for talent that we can hire to be our new BLM office manager? Like, kind of like Obama.”

“You think of Obama as a BLM office manager?” Carlson asked.

“That’s whenever. That’s whenever,” Ye said. “I think Obama… these people were truly Black to their core and truly brilliant to their core, but they went into situations thinking that they could do it the White way as a Black man. We saw what color Obama’s hair color was when he went in and what color it was when he went out.”


Ye railed against Nike, accusing the sportswear giant of “gerrymandering Black people” through its woke ideology.

Ye talks about his spirituality Video

Ye also spoke at length about his spirituality, referring to himself as a “Jesus soldier” fighting in the “battle for life itself. Our children.”

“They’re killing us through the food. They’re killing us through the content. They are killing us through the programming. But God is alive and He is alive in all of us. And we will overcome,” Ye said. 

Candace Owens and Kanye West wearing White Lives Matter shirts. 

Candace Owens and Kanye West wearing White Lives Matter shirts. 
(Credit: Candace Owens Twitter)

On Thursday, Ye defended himself after he and Candace Owens were spotted at an event wearing “White Lives Matter” T-shirts. 


He alleged on Instagram that his upcoming show in Los Angeles was canceled after part one of his “Tucker Carlson Tonight” interviewed aired. 

“My Sofi Stadium show on November 4th just got canceled. I wonder if it had something to do with my White Lives Matter tee, what y’all think?” Ye wrote in the now-deleted post. 

He also shared a screenshot of a text message telling him that SoFi is not available, due to the inability to staff the event.

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