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Are Democrats trying to intimidate Supreme Court justices? 'The Big Saturday Show' investigates

The Big Saturday Show investigated why elections are pushing a plan to pack the Supreme Court, suggesting it may be a ploy to intimidate existing justices.

Former Congressman and Fox News Contributor Sean Duffy noted it was unlikely that Speaker of the House nancy-pelosi”>Nancy Pelosi< eliminated the filibuster, a move that is also being pushed by congressional Democrats.

“Here’s what’s happening: Nancy Pelosi wants nothing more than to stack the Supreme Court,” said Duffy.

“This is all about power…Nancy Pelosi only has a thin majority, a handful of seats, that make her the Speaker, and she’s not going to make those moderate members that give her a majority take a vote on packing the court unless it’s going to pass the Senate. So, unless the Senate is going to do away with the filibuster rule, Nancy Pelosi is not going to make her vulnerable members take a vote on packing the court,” Duffy continued


The show hosts also said the Democrats’ court-packing push was part of a larger problem, and suggested a lack of leadership in President joe-biden”>Joe Biden< to study changes to the Supreme Court. Among the changes being considered by Biden’s commission are expanding the number of seats on the court and imposing term limits on justices.

“I’m not as concerned about how many justices there are, or even the political persuasion of the court,” said Fox News Contributor Joey Jones. “I care more about Congress not going places with legislation that make half the country feel like their rights are infringed upon.”

Fox Nation’s Abby Hornacek suggested Biden was part of the problem, noting his history of flip-flopping on issues.

 “When it comes to President Joe Biden, he hasn’t outwardly come out and said…’stop this nonsense, we’re not going to court pack,’” Hornacek said. “Instead, he’s establishing this commission which suggests to me that he’s considering it.”

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