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Bill Maher, Sharon Osbourne rail against cancel culture, 'snitches' at 'The Talk': We don't need 'reeducation'

“Real Time” host Bill Maher and TV personality Sharon Osbourne blast cancel-culture”>cancel culture<

Osbourne told Maher she “never” used the slurs alleged by her former “Talk” co-host Leah Remini, who claimed Osbourne referred to Julie Chen as a “wonton” and “slanty eyes” and called Sara Gilbert a “p—- licker” and “fish eater.”

She insisted that such terms were “not in my vocabulary.”

“It’s disgruntled ladies,” Osbourne said. 

(HBO/Getty Images)

Maher suggested that any disputes Osbourne may have had with her co-hosts perhaps didn’t represent her “finest hour.”

“We can’t judge everybody by their worst moment,” Maher later told her. “Maybe you lost your cool.”

But he railed against the notion that Osbourne needed to “reeducate” herself instead of simply offer a sincere apology for any offense she may have caused.

“How about, ‘I shouldn’t do that, I won’t do it again,'” he said. “I mean, you did issue an apology for this and it was like, I read it at the words like, ‘I’m going to reeducate myself.’ No, we could all do better, of course … but this idea and culture now that people need to ‘reeducate’ themselves, indoctrinate themselves …

“I’m sorry, I’m 65, you’re 68. I know who I am! I don’t need reeducation,” Maher continued. “Do you need reeducation? 68, you’ve been all over the world, you’re married to a rock star, you’ve been with all the A-listers and rock ‘n’ roll. Like, f— ’em. Like you need to, ‘Race, tell me all about it.’ It’s fantasy.”


On the subject of cancel culture, Osbourne insisted “I’m going to be fine,” but expressed concern for others who can’t defend themselves. 

“I’m a fighter, I’m fine, I’m doing just fine … but what about the people who are cut from the knees down and they can’t afford to ‘get lessons’ on what’s politically correct and how to talk to people?” she said. “What happens to them?

“It’s not fair, it’s not fair because it isn’t about being a racist, it’s about maybe not knowing what is correct and woke for your language that day because it changes from day to day — what is correct and what isn’t.”

Maher and Osbourne then piled on Robin DiAngelo’s book, “White Fragility,” which is billed as a manual to teach White people how to be anti-racist — but which critics say only fuels more racism. 

“You have two choices if you’re White, you’re either a racist — or a racist and you don’t know it. I’m not down with that,” Maher said. “I know who raised me, I know who my friends are. I know how I’ve treated people.”

“And this thing is, you cannot blanket any race,” Osbourne told Maher. “You cannot … there’s good and bad in every race. You don’t blanket.”

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