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California ethnic studies pitch denounces US as a 'parasitic system' based on the 'invasion' of White settlers

Documents from a us-regions ethnic studies program called on educators to tell students that America is a “system of oppression” built around the idea that “White male settlers” have invaded and “appropriated land,” according to a new report.

Christopher Rufo, a documentarian and writer, obtained slides from the presentation and posted them to Twitter Tuesday, along with an essay detailing his conclusions in the City Journal, a conservative magazine.

“The language in the presentation is pure Marxist conflict theory,” Rufo claimed.


He added that panelists at the presentation told teachers they should conceal the political bias from district parents and administrators.

One of the panelists, Jorge Pacheco, is a member of the Oak Grove School Board who takes credit on his campaign website for founding San Jose’s first ethnic studies for middle schoolers, has led ethnic studies workshops and helped design the state’s model ethnic studies curriculum.

According to Rufo’s transcript of the presentation, he argued that students could begin ethnic studies as early as first grade in order for proponents to be “cashing in on kids’ inherent empathy.”


He did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

But the state Board of Education approved the ethnic studies model in March “to assist local high schools” in designing their own versions of the curriculum.

The Santa Clara County Office of Education had already announced last June that it was committed to expanding its ethnic studies program. The Oak Grove School District falls within Santa Clara County.

Critics have argued that left-wing ethnic studies programs consist of anti-American propaganda and divisive rhetoric – especially programs grounded in “critical race theory.”

Critics argue that the controversial program actually increases racism by focusing on sterotypes, lauding perceived victhimhood and, on occasion, encouraging segregation.

A county education spokesperson did not immediately respond to a Fox News request for comment.

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