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'Method to the madness' of FAA push for gender neutral language about drones: Tammy Bruce

executive” target=”_blank”>The FAA’s “insane”< told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday.

The agency’s Drone Advisory Committee has been tasked with exploring how the FAA and the aviation industry as a whole can embrace gender-neutral language rather than terms like “airman” and “unmanned aircraft”. Politico first reported on the initiative last month.  NASA launched a similar initiative in 2006.

A FAA spokesperson confirmed to Fox News that the agency “is working to identify and replace terms that may discourage those who aspire to work in aviation.”

“It is insane what is going on, but there is a reason for it,” Bruce explained. “There is a method to the madness and I saw it unfold when I was on the left and it was shocking to me, but this is the fact of the matter. The person that controls the language always wins.”

“The person that controls the language always wins.”

— Tammy Bruce, ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

Bruce explained that Democrats in positions of power are launching a war on words “because they can’t operate with the truth and with clarity. That is our oxygen for them. It really annihilates their ability to function,” she said.

They understand that “if you control the language … you control the definitions,” Bruce went on.


“We see it with the Biden administration [and] we have seen it throughout the last twenty years here, is that the less that you can speak the truth, the less clear language is, the more meaningless that it is, the more vague, truth is the victim. Because you can’t be specific. And so, you end up having these word salads that you have to crawl through, like academia puts out, that mean nothing.”

“And so you don’t even know what the topic is and then everyone is required to speak in that manner or write in that manner, creating a vicious circle of foolishness,” Bruce continued. “And it feeds in on itself. So you don’t know what questions to ask.”

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