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Florida divers mark 9/11 by draping massive American flag on sunken World War II ship

Tributes on Saturday to those who died on terror two decades ago included at least one that was conducted underwater, according to a report.

In the us-regions Keys, a group of divers draped a massive American flag on the wreck of the USNS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, a world-war-two” target=”_blank”>World War II<

Two Navy helicopters performed a flyover during the event, with observing boaters and others including relatives and friends of 9/11 attack victims, the station reported.

The 17,000-ton, 523-foot-long Vandenberg was initially called the Gen. Harry Taylor during the 1940s, then became the Vandenberg in 1961 after changing from a Navy vessel to an Air Force vessel, The Associated Press reported.

Over the years it was used to transport Army and Navy personnel and then later served as a missile tracker during the Cold War, the AP reported.


It was sunk in 2009 at a cost of about $8 million, with local officials hoping to raise money by having tourists pay to go underwater to take a look at the vessel, according to the AP.

Vandenberg, a native of Milwaukee, was the second chief of staff in Air Force history and later served as director of the CIA. He died in 1954 at age 55.

Taylor, from New Hampshire, was an Army chief of engineers who served during world-war-one” target=”_blank”>World War I<.

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