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GOP candidate slams 'Benedict Milley': Report amounts to 'coup against a sitting president'

The Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains compared Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman fox-news-flash” target=”_blank”>Mark Milley<, a wounded veteran of the war in Afghanistan, told “fox-news-flash” target=”_blank”>Tucker Carlson Tonight<

During his interview, Daniels went on to say that Milley is a military officer who acts like he wants to instead be a Democratic Party politician.

“He did a coup against a sitting, duly-elected, president of the United States,” he claimed. 

Host fox-news-flash” target=”_blank”>Tucker Carlson<

Biden said Tuesday he stands by Milley in his current capacity, while Rear Admiral John Kirby, the Pentagon’s chief spokesman, said he “can’t speak to processes before this administration took office” – after a reporter prompted him regarding Donald Trump’s claim Milley may have committed “treason”.

“What I’m telling you is, typically, that when the chairman or the secretary, they interact with counterparts. It’s a function of the job,” Kirby told the reporter.

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