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Ingraham to Joe Manchin: 'Do the right thing' for West Virginia and stand firm against 'radical' spending bill

In her “fox-news-flash” target=”_blank”>Ingraham Angle< reported on how Democrats across the board are using one strategy or another to convince or bully Sen. Joe Manchin III, D-W.V., into insuring party leadership’s massive $3.5 trillion spending bill is passed in order to give a politically-flailing joe-biden” target=”_blank”>President Biden< presidency were a disaster movie, it would be like Titanic and the Poseidon Adventure all rolled into one. Not only has the S-O-S Biden collided with an iceberg, it’s capsized – and now Dems are scrambling aboard what they think is the last lifeboat — a 3.5 trillion dollar behemoth spending bill,” she said.

“With a 50-50 split in the Senate,” Ingraham declared, “Biden can’t afford a single Democrat defection or else his $3.5 trillion dollar spend-o-rama goes nowhere – [but] enter Senator Joe Manchin of us-regions, who came out against this massive money grab in a Wall Street Journal op-ed last week.”

Joe Manchin's Line in the Sand on Spending Video

Manchin reportedly is open to a smaller $1.5 trillion spending bill which Ingraham said Sen. chuck-schumer” target=”_blank”>Charles Schumer<

“What should be obvious to Manchin is that no one you just heard actually cares if he does what’s right for his constituents — in fact, they hate his constituents [in West Virginia] – They helped get Trump into the Oval Office,” Ingraham said in response to the firestorm.

“And in us-regions, a large number of Trump voters also voted for Manchin:  They trusted him when he said he wasn’t like other Democrats,” she said, pointing to previous remarks Manchin made promising to protect Second Amendment rights, “take on Washington” and “get the federal government off of our backs and out of our pockets [and] cut federal spending…”

“But it’s one thing to make a promise on the election trail — and another one to keep that promise when the entire Democratic establishment is pressing you to betray your constituents. So we have to ask — will Manchin hold course?” Ingraham asked.

She noted Biden has a 21% approval in the Mountain State, with a 74% disapproval.


“If Manchin does the right thing, and simply stands up for the people who sent him to Washington, his choice is obvious: Biden’s crazy dream of turning America into a left-wing catastrophe must be stopped,” she said. “The people of West Virginia didn’t vote for Joe Biden, or Nancy Pelosi, or Chuck Schumer.”

“Joe Manchin promised that he would fight for West Virginians.  Now is the time.  Kill this nutty bill once and for all.  Let’s start working on rebuilding the country we love – not continuing Biden’s disaster movie.”

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