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Kilmeade slams Colonial Pipeline hack payoff: Americans are now ‘paying the price’

energy” target=”_blank”>Colonial Pipeline<” host Brian Kilmeade said now the American people are being forced to take the blow.

BRIAN KILMEADE: According to Bloomberg, Colonial paid the Russian hackers on Friday hours after the ransomware attack began but the decryption tool was so slow, the company had to use its own back-ups to unlock the pipeline itself. Among the people outraged, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi  – she’s not happy about the payoff… And she’s right. Negotiating with cyber-terrorists is a dangerous game. It gives cybercriminals the green light to attack our public and private infrastructure…

Half of America is suffering because of this company’s inability to properly guard their technology — leaving itself vulnerable to this evil organization. Colonial may be able to afford to give the hackers $5 million, but it’s you — our viewers in 17 different states that are really paying the price. 

You’re the ones forced to wait hours online for gas. You’re the ones paying twice as much for gas today as you were last week. And you’re the ones still dealing with the massive lines and the anxiety of not knowing when this shutdown will end.


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