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GOP lawmaker torches 'Squad' member's 'ridiculous, appalling' push to defund Border Patrol

Rep. Lisa McClain, R-Mich., sat down with “Fox & Friends First” to discuss the comments made by “Squad” member rashida-tlaib”>Rashida Tlaib<

LISA McCLAIN: What is happening today is completely ridiculous and it’s appalling. The Squad is spewing this rhetoric. And if you notice, they have these crazy ideas that aren’t backed by fact. They’re backed by feelings and opinions. And I led a resolution with my Republican colleagues to stand up against not only the socialist squad, but also we need to be praising and thanking these Border Patrol agents and agents that work for DHS.

Think about this for a second. They’ve seized this year over 4,000 pounds of illegal narcotics. These people at the border, these men and women at the border are keeping us safe and we’re ridiculing them. We’re trying to defund them. I wonder if the Squad locks their doors at night? Is that what’s going to be next? Are we going to defund locking our doors at night? It’s ridiculous.


GOP lawmaker blasts the 'Squad' on push to defund Border Patrol, ICE Video

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