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Mark Steyn responds to Kerry: China more likely to be 'Uighur-neutral' than carbon neutral by 2060

Fox News Primetime” host Mark Steyn spent part of Friday’s show scrutinizing U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry’s aspirations that world-regions be environment by 2060.

STEYN: Who doesn’t enjoy John Kerry windsurfing in his buttock-hugging LYCRA? Is he windsurfing to the upcoming climate summit in Tahiti or Bali? Or will he be taking the old private jet to up his carbon credits?

Joe Biden’s climate czar says he’s confident he can work with China on persuading them to become carbon neutral by 2060. I believe they’ll be Uighur-neutral long before then. But let’s face it, on present course, by 2060 there’s not going to be anything recognizable about the United States, so who cares? 

Bill Gates is committed to turning off the sun which apparently you can do for about a billion bucks without any government’s permission. I don’t know why we need to, because Biden’s EPA administrator [Michael Regan] says the new infrastructure bill — which reclassifies everything from a decaf macchiato to your transitioning middle schooler as “infrastructure” — that bill, said the EPA guy, will save the climate. 

Just another week in the wacky world of climate change.


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