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Newt Gingrich: Democrats' big government power grab is the 'greatest threat to the survival of freedom'

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich described the Democrats’ power grab and the threat they pose to American democracy on “Hannity” Tuesday evening. 

GINGRICH: “This is the greatest threat to the survival of freedom since the Civil War. They are determined to use the power of the federal government. They are determined to destroy the American military by bringing wokeness in. They’re determined to weaken the police while strengthening criminals. They’re determined to use the Justice Department. They’re determined to side with Oligarchs in censoring Americans. I believe this is the greatest threat, domestic threat, not counting the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, but the greatest domestic threat the United States has faced to freedom since the Civil War. And the threat is entirely and the Democratic Party. And it is a mortal threat. And if they get their way, if they can pass the Corrupt Politicians Act, you will see them steal everything they need to steal.”

“Freedom in Cuba is probably an 80-20 issue, that doesn’t mean the Cuban government won’t shoot enough people to slow down. Freedom in Venezuela is probably a 90-10 issue. The fact is, these people, the Biden’s, the Harris’s, Schumer’s, the Pelosi’s, they’re corrupting the military. They’re corrupting the entire system. And they will do whatever they have to to try to dominate us and to dominate all of the American people and impose their radical values. This is the greatest threat to the United States since the Civil War.”

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich also joined “Hannity” calling joe-biden” target=”_blank”>President Biden’s<

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