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Nikki Haley: Biden essentially 'gave Putin a big kiss' during Geneva summit

Former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told “Hannity” Wednesday that President joe-biden”>Joe Biden< President Vladimir V. Putin “a big kiss” with his overtures during the two leaders’ summit in Geneva, Switzerland on Thursday.

NIKKI HALEY: We don’t need to wait two or three months. We’re not going to see anything. Here you’ve got the fact that [Biden] didn’t call him out on the hacking [of the Colonial Pipeline and a major U.S. beef processing plant]. Putin wants to say Russian hackers did it and he wasn’t involved. Guess what? The hackers work for Putin. 

Putin was very much responsible for that he just didn’t want his fingerprints on it he didn’t go and say they were going to hold him accountable for the hacking of the pipeline and food processing company. He didn’t go and talk to them about election meddling the last two elections. 

He didn’t talk about Ukraine, while Biden gave Putin a great big kiss by giving him the NordStream II pipeline. It’s all he’s ever wanted, it’s going to make him a ton of money, it’s going to make him energy independent and it’s set Putin off for the one thing he really wanted. 

They are not talking about the fact that they are going to have the back of Ukraine and say exactly how they are going to do it. I mean, this is something where they talked about climate change, you know, and then you didn’t even talk about the fact they talked about the fact that the new START agreement and they are going to agree on that. The new START agreement allows them to stall their production but guess who wins with that? China because China is not involved in the agreement. So nothing is going to come of this.


Haley: Biden gave Putin 'everything he wanted' during summit Video

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