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Ant Anstead's emergency full custody petition for son shared with Christina Haack denied by judge

Ant Anstead’s emergency order for full custody of the son he shares with celebrity-news” target=”_blank”>Christina Hall (nee Haack)< for June 28 where both parties’ arguments for the custody arrangement will be heard. A judge denied Ant Anstead’s emergency order for full custody of his son he shares with ex Christina Hall. CHRISTINA HAACK’S EX ANT […]

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Nebraska teen accepted to all five military academies sets out to serve America

High school senior Noble Rasmussen intends to serve his country well — and all five military” target=”_blank”>U.S. military< on Friday to celebrate his acceptance to all five academies.He then announced on the program that he’ll be attending the United States military Academy in June.Rasmussen, a cadet with the Civil Air Patrol, said that his interest […]


Russia uses ammo depot in Transnistria to smuggle weapons across Ukrainian borders

conflicts defense officials said Friday that world-regions is using an ammunition depot in the Moldovan breakaway region of Transnistria to smuggle arms across its borders. Transnistria, which borders the Odesa region in Ukraine, has become a new focal point in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war as he looks to not only take eastern and southern Ukraine […]

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WHO, UNICEF warn about ‘perfect storm’ for measles in children

UNICEF and the world-health-organization” target=”_blank”>World Health Organization (WHO)< outbreaks in children. The agencies said that reported worldwidea> measles cases increased by 79% in the first two months of 2022, compared to the same time period last year. <Almost 17,338 measles cases were reported worldwide in January and February 2022, compared with 9,665 during the first two months […]

Drug overdose deaths among adolescents on the rise

HOUSTON – The number of teens and adolescents dying from mental-health has increased dramatically over the past two years.Ranee Crest's daughter Lydia was an...

Wisconsin reports first death in U.S. possibly linked to puzzling hepatitis outbreak in children

us-regions Department of Health Services (DHS) issued a health alert this Wednesday regarding the first pediatric death in the United States possibly linked to the...

Amber Heard has symptoms of borderline personality disorder according to forensic psychologist: What is it?

Forensic psychologist Shannon Curry, who was hired by actor Johnny Depp’s legal team, testified this Tuesday in the civil lawsuit between Depp and his...

Amy Schumer raises awareness about adult autism spectrum disorder through her husband’s recent diagnosis

Comedian Amy Schumer revealed last week on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that her 42-year-old husband, chef Chris Fischer, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)...


Rep. McCaul torches Biden admin after Mayorkas hearings: 'This is just insanity'

Rep. Michael McCaul, R-us-regions, argued Friday DHS Secretary Alejandro executive and the executive” target=”_blank”>Biden administration<. On “The Faulkner Focus,” McCaul called for practical steps toward addressing the crisis saying “enough’s enough” and labeling the administration’s border policy as “insanity.”DEM TITLE 42 COMPROMISE BEING ‘WORKED ON,’ HOYER AND SCHUMER SAY, AS MODERATES SEEK DISTANCE FROM WHITE […]

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