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Alabama 'Friendsgiving' diners tip Waffle House waitress $1,125: 'Normalize being kind'

A Waffle House worker in Alabama received an unforgettable tip after a group of friends banded together to spread some generous holiday cheer.Tanya Ragsdale...


Iran secretly contracts with Qatar over world cup dissent: Report

Qatar has been cooperating with Iran on an effort to control which media outlets cover the World Cup in a bid to ensure the...
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Biden as oldest US president at age 80: Nation deserves a 'full neurological assessment' of him

President Joe Biden turned 80 on Nov. 20, 2022 — and debate is ongoing, from a health perspective, about his advanced age and the...

Enoki mushrooms linked to Listeria outbreak in two states: public health officials

Enoki mushrooms are being linked to a Listeria outbreak in two states.Listeria monocytogenes infections have sparked a collaborative investigation by the Centers for Disease Control...

RSV surge raises questions about repeat cases: Can you or child get it again?

As respiratory syncytial virus, otherwise known as RSV, continues to surge across the United States, experts warn it’s possible people can be infected with...

Non-stick pans could release millions of microplastic particles in possible 'health concern,' study says

Non-stick pots could be releasing millions of tiny plastic particles as users are cooking or washing. In a new study, Australian researchers said that just...

Breast cancer patients who respond well to pre-surgical treatment may be able to skip surgery: study

Patients diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer who had a good response to targeted cancer treatment prior to surgery — otherwise known as adjuvant therapy —...


Weaken America First is the new Democrat Party policy

When Sean Hannity asked me why President Joe Biden would favor buying oil and gas from Venezuela over producing oil and gas in Texas,...

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