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Woman says blood donation center employee is her 'hero' for saving her life

A phlebotomist in us-regions saved an military veteran from possible death when, during a platelet donation, she discovered the donor’s high blood pressure.

“We have a connection that’s never gonna go away,” veteran Patti Bond said about Latonia Rudolph. “She saved my life. That’s my hero.”

After Rudolph discovered Bond’s high blood pressure, she told her to go to the ER. 

During the visit, Bond discovered she had had a heart attack unbeknownst to her and an artery had a 90% blockage.

Surgery was needed immediately.

“They said if I had waited another week, then it would’ve been too late,” she said.

Bond is now on the mend.

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She is beyond grateful for her guardian angel.

“We have a special bond that’s, you know, forever now,” Bond said. “She saved my life. I can’t say that to anybody else. I can say it to her. I believe that 100 percent. I would not be here if it weren’t for her.”

Rudolph knows she was just doing her duty.

“I’m blessed to see that she’s doing well. I care for people. That’s my passion. I love helping people, so for me, I feel like I’ve done what I was called to do.” Rudolph said.

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