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South Florida McDonald's offers $50 just for people to come in for an interview

This is a pretty easy way to earn $50.

As food across the country are reportedly facing staffing issues, one food franchise owner in Florida has come up with a unique solution to entice people to come in for interviews. Despite adding a particular benefit to the interview session, the restaurant is still reportedly having trouble finding staff.

Blake Casper, a McDonald’s franchise owner in Tampa, Fla., says that one of his restaurants is offering $50 to anyone who comes in for an interview, Business Insider reports. According to him, the general manager and supervisor of the location came up with the idea.

Casper had reportedly told his employees to do “whatever” they needed to do to hire more workers.

The news outlet reports that as businesses reopen after the coronavirus lockdowns, many are hiring new workers. This, along with enhanced unemployment benefits, has reportedly caused a shortage in applicants.

Casper described the situation to Business Insider as “a perfect storm,” as McDonald’s business is reportedly booming in the area. Customers are flocking to the restaurants, making them busier than usual while they’re also understaffed.

“You’ve got a lot of people with a lot of money, and they’re out there shopping,” he added. “And then, on the flip side, we’re scrambling for help.” 


Surprisingly, the $50 offer reportedly hasn’t attracted many applicants. Casper did say, however, that other hiring efforts have worked well, including referral programs, hiring bonuses and allowing people to apply via text message. He also said that he’s had to raise starting wages to attract more workers.

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