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Lawrence Jones: Democrats push hostile takeover of the Supreme Court, 'has the party lost its mind?'

Fox News host Lawrence Jones opened “Fox News Primetime” on Thursday blasting the Democrats for attempting to “highjack” the judiciary with new legislation to add justices to the high court.

JONES: The high court highjacking is underway. A coalition of far-left Democrats convened this afternoon to roll out their most radical agenda point yet. Packing the supreme court.

Their plan? Create four new seats on the court and let Joe Biden nominate anyone he wants. Now I’m not a math guy, but if conservatives have a 6-3 advantage on the court, and the Democrats add four new justices, that would give the Left a 7-6 lead. What a convenient set of circumstances! But don’t you dare say they’re packing the court.

If you havent noticed Democrats have this all planned out. They want to abolish the filibuster. Jam through their radical agenda, and pack the court to uphold their outrageous laws. All in the name of “restoring democracy.” That leads me to ask one question — have Democrats lost control of their party…or has the party just lost its mind?


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