personal-freedoms founder Maj Toure told “Fox News Primetime” host Lawrence Jones Thursday that he’s “not surprised at all” a CNN staffer was caught admitting the network is trying to help the Black Lives Matter movement.

TOURE: It is par for the course. They have one playbook and the playbook has been exposed. The frustrating part is the fact the American people still allow it, and I can’t even say the American people are tricked by it. We allow it, right? This isn’t surprising. We are seeing Big Tech hide behind government, Section 230, and basically manipulate. So this is not surprising at all to me, I think most Americans see the fake media that CNN actually is.

The reality is people like you on Fox that are putting out a genuine message that resonates with that demographic. Now what’s happening, because all of our smartphones and technology, we are seeing it and being more vocal about it. These are our communities that are being manipulated by extreme left media telling a story that is not accurate, and people that have conservative and libertarian-minded values in urban centers outnumber the small amount of people that have been manipulating and doing things. We have been seeing it for a long time, but now there is more and more people that look like me, that wear hoodies, that wear jeans, that don’t always have on a suit and tie, they are being much more vocal about it, and I love it.

We [Black Guns Matter] deal on a very basic premise. There is a very serious overlap between conservative principles and libertarian principles. Neither one of them is perfect, nothing is, but we live by the premise of don’t hurt people, don’t touch their stuff, and don’t bother their things. I think all Americans, urban, suburban, rural, are there. That is more of a libertarian philosophy in that regard. There is that overlap and we have to create that space. We see the left is going to become extremely, you know, all the beefs they have between their different types of feelings and issues, when it is time to address our freedoms and liberties, they get on the same page. How we have been successful is making sure that liberty message is there, but not isolating our brothers and sisters in the conservative movement, because we have to get organized. They have all of the media. Fox is holding it down, but there ain’t much time left. So we have to organize, and those have to be liberty-based principles.