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Rep. Jim Jordan slams Democrat court-packing attempts as 'quest for power'

Congressman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, joined ‘America Reports’ Friday to discuss the elections attempt to pack the judiciary for ‘raw political power.’ 

REP. JIM JORDAN: Well, this is about raw political power. I mean, John, why pick four seats? Why go from nine to 13? Why not just one, two, three? Why four? Because four gives them a seven six majority. This is raw political power from the left. This is what they’re trying to do. And it was no accident they introduced this bill one day after they passed the House committee, the oversight committee, the bill to give them to more Democrat senators by making D.C. a state. So it’s all about raw political power.

Think about this. The left controls everything. The left controls big media. The left controls big tech. The left controls big sports. Now, the left controls big corporations. They control Hollywood. They control higher education. They control the executive. They control the congress” target=”_blank”>Congress< said yesterday when she said, oh, she doesn’t plan to bring this bill to the floor. I think this is all part of her game. I think she’s waiting for the commission that the President of the United States put in place when that commission, which I think is very biased to the left, when that commission comes back and recommends they pack the court, then she’ll bring the bill to the floor. Let’s the filibuster hold and we can keep we can keep the court where it should be, where it’s always been.


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