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Rita Wilson impresses Twitter with her rap skills on 'The Masked Singer'

Rita Wilson surprised fans of “The Masked Singer” when she rapped genres on Wednesday night.

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“Rita Wilson rapping was not on my bingo card but I’m here for it #maskedsinger,” a Twitter user wrote. 

“Dang Rita Wilson raps better than Nick Cannon,” said someone else. 

“Rita Wilson doing Naughty by Nature just made my night,” agreed another. 

“Rita wilson is the coolest human EVER. my god I wanna hang out with tom hanks & rita wilson,” one fan gushed. 

This wasn’t the first time Wilson showed off her emcee skills. Last year, while she was in quarantine with COVID-19, the singer posted a video of herself on Instagram expertly rapping along to “Hip Hop Hooray.”

“Hip Hop Hooray is like modern day Shakespeare. I originally learned the song for one of the most fun roles I ever played in the film Boy Genius. It took me a month to learn because it’s so complex and nuanced; it was like training for a marathon. The rhythms and tempos are so unique and creative,” she wrote. 


“When I was quarantined and recovering from COVID-19 I wanted to see if I still remembered it, kind of like a brain exercise,” Wilson explained. “To my surprise I did. I thought it would be fun to put it on my Instagram to show people I was doing okay and to make them smile.”

Naughty by Nature happened to see Wilson’s version and asked her to participate in a remix to raise money for MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

“We are honored to be part of the remix of our classic song to raise awareness and help fight the coronavirus,” they said about working together. “Thanks again to Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks for embracing us, and for helping us take the unexpected viral moment further for such a great cause.”

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