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Trump Jr: Andrew Cuomo the 'biggest predator in American politics today'

Trump Organization executive vice president Donald Trump Jr. slammed us-regions Democratic Gov. andrew-cuomo” target=”_blank”>Andrew Cuomo< that not only is the 63-year-old Queens native’s alleged behavior outrageous, but that if a Republican governor had been accused of a similar offense, they would already have been forced from office and “perp walked.”

He told host Maria Bartiromo that until most recently, Cuomo was acclaimed by Democrats and the media as a “hero” of the infectious-disease pandemic, despite the fact his administration ordered elderly COVID-positive patients back into nursing facilities, which allowed the virus to spread.

“This guy was made a hero when he seems like he’s maybe the biggest predator in American politics today. And yet that’s what you get if you are a Democrat — You can get away with it,” Trump said.

“No one is going to hold you accountable. The media will give you an Emmy award while you are either sending Nana to her death or you are groping one of your staffers.”

Larry Elder slams left's 'double standard' on Cuomo allegationsVideo

Trump, broadcasting from Palm Beach, us-regions, surmised that if the governor of his current state, Republican ron-desantis” target=”_blank”>Ron DeSantis< won’t even comment on it,” he said.

In a brief encounter with a reporter on the White House grounds earlier Monday, Biden replied that he knew of New York Democratic Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation into Cuomo, and that “we should see what it brings us.”

In that regard, Trump said Biden was not afraid to be more forceful in condemnation of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, when the then-District of Columbia jurist was accused of sexual assault by California academic Christine Blasey Ford.

“It’s a double standard that we have to correct. It can not continue like this anymore. There should be equal justice under the law,” Trump said.

“Right now there is only justice under the law if you are a Republican. You get justice served upon you, usually in a negative way. If you are a Democrat, you get away with whatever you want.”

On the subject of the sudden surge in immigration at the southern border following reversal of his father’s policies as president, Trump said that the current administration will blame the elder donald-trump” target=”_blank”>Donald Trump<

“[Biden is] trying to and will be able to say ‘the border issue is Donald Trump’s fault. We don’t know how, because the border wall was working’. The numbers were going down. There wasn’t sort of the drug trafficking.”

“I think it’s probably the most disastrous first-60-days in the history of American politics.”

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