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The Chevrolet Corvette's highway fuel economy rating just got worse because people like fast cars

You get what you pay for.

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray’s highway fuel economy rating has dropped from 27 mpg in 2021 to 24 mpg for 2022 despite there being no major changes to the sports car, so what gives?

(Fox News Autos)

Autoblog reports that the change is the result of most customers optioning their Stingrays with the $5,995 Z51 package, which adds high performance brakes and tires along with a rear axle with a different final drive ratio that makes it quicker and more responsive, but reduces its fuel efficiency at high speed.

A Chevrolet spokesperson revealed that 70 percent of Stingrays are being equipped with the package and that the EPA requires that a model be reported in its most popular configuration, so it had to make the update.

Interestingly, the Stingray’s combined fuel economy remains the same at 19 mpg thanks to a one mpg improvement in the city, courtesy of “an upgraded direct injection fuel system, improved engine calibration and an enhanced Active Fuel Management range,” the spokesman said.


A Corvette with an entirely different rating will be showing up on the EPA list soon, however, as a more potent Z06 model will be revealed on October 26 ahead of sales next year.

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