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Trump National Security Advisor commends Biden Administration: 'No more important alliance' than Japan

Former National Security Advisor under President donald-trump” target=”_blank”>Donald Trump< Friday on “The Story with Martha MacCallum” for meeting with Japan’s prime minister, saying there’s “no more important alliance” amid growing tension caused by China’s threats towards Taiwan’s democracy.

ROBERT O’BRIEN: I’m very pleased that Prime Minister Suga is coming to the White House and he’s the first foreign visitor, I think that sends a very important message to our adversaries, especially China and the region. So I compliment the Biden folks on arranging this visit, that we have no closer alliance and no more important alliance in the world right now than the alliance that we have with Japan.

We need to send a very strong message to the Chinese that they would be met with overwhelming force if they attempt to to attack or invade our allies or friends in the region. And that’s the message that will keep peace in the region. Weakness is provocative.

So if we look equivocal, if we look like we may not stand up for our friends and allies, that’s what will invite some sort of miscalculation by the Chinese. We need to make sure that they understand that America is strong and that we’re going to stand behind our commitments in the region…


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