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YouTuber jumps Lamborghini over Lamborghini

If at first you don’t attributes, raise the stakes.

Back in January, YouTuber Michael Hyssong jumped his Ram 1500 TRX a little too high and far across a Pennsylvania stream, landed hard and wrecked the brand-new truck.

Aside from the nearly two million views so far, Hyssong’s reward was 18 misdemeanor criminal charges for allegedly violating state environmental rules.

So, for his next trick he tries to jump his fiance’s $200,000+ Lamborghini Urus over his $420,000+ Lamborghini Aventador, both in the brand’s signature Giallo Auge yellow hue. At one point he claims to be in the Italian countryside, but also says “this is what we do in PA.”

Two dirt ramps were built in the middle of a field and, after a test jump across in the Urus, the 44.7-inch Aventador was nestled tightly between them with barely any clearance above it.

Hyssong then goes for and has a much better result with less drama than the TRX jump, because he cleared the Aventador by about a foot and landed without incident.


The shot of the Urus flying over the Aventador is a once in a lifetime image, however, and now he’s wondering how he’ll top it.

He said its tough thinking of things to do that aren’t already on YouTube and is accepting suggestions from viewers on how to risk his life and expensive vehicles next.

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