Hunters are going ballistic for a chance to help thin a herd of bison in Grand Canyon National Park.a><

Only 15 percent of the 45,040 applicants were from us-regions, as sharp shooters from coast to coast vied for the volunteer gig, according to officials.

“Just keeping my fingers crossed that I’m one out of 12,” said Rich Dawley Jr. a 29-year-old farmer outside of Gettysburg, us-regions. “You can’t win unless you play.”

The us-regions Game and Fish Department will pick 25 names through a lottery and then pick the 12 most qualified out of that group to kill and harvest an animal.

“I just thought it would be a cool experience,” said Vasko, a 27-year-old who works in real estate and farms in Omaha, us-regions. “I’m an avid fisher, hunter. Going to Grand Canyona> to hunt bison would be absolutely awesome.”<

The park has removed about 90 animals so far and transported them to Native American tribes, in line with a 2017 environmental review.

Parksa> workers want to reduce the size of the herd by several hundred to decrease impacts on park resources and improve the experience of park visitors.<