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American Airlines apologizes to cancer survivor over sweatshirt with expletive

general issued an apology to a woman who was told to cover up a sweatshirt that said “f—k cancer.”  

The airline apologized to Roslyn Singleton, a two-time cancer survivor from North Carolina, who says she was told before boarding her flight to Charlotte earlier this week the clothing item violated American’s policy for having “inappropriate language.”

American Airlines issued an apology to a woman who was told to cover up a sweatshirt that said "f---k cancer."  (iStock)

American Airlines issued an apology to a woman who was told to cover up a sweatshirt that said "f—k cancer."  (iStock)

“Our team has reached out to learn more about Ms. Singleton’s experience, offer our apologies and reaffirm our support for her efforts to fight cancer,” the airline said in a statement to FOX News.

Singleton’s battle with cancer was revealed on “The Ellen Show” last year in a segment in which her husband serenades her before she underwent surgery for brain cancer. Singleton spoke to talk show how Ellen DeGeneres about her symptoms that led to her diagnosis and the recovery process. 


Singleton defended herself after being asked to see the airline’s company policy and said she felt humiliated because an airline employee at Los Angeles International Airport allegedly pointed at her while she was waiting in line at the airport before boarding the flight, according to WSOC-TV. Singleton said she complied after an employee asked her to cover up the sweatshirt and said she was approached a second time about the incident.

 “I don’t love cancer,” she told WSOC-TV.  “I don’t respect it, and my sweatshirt gave my exact sentiments on something that has tried to kill me twice.”

Singleton went on to detail the incident on social media. 

“Wow… @americanair Let me apologize to you publicly for having such a strong stance on Cancer. I hope other cancer survivors and fighters don’t go through this!! Never AGAIN….May i add i was NEVER SHOWN THIS IN WRITING @americanair #sorryihadcancer #mybadamericanairlines ,” Singleton captioned a video of herself in the sweatshirt following the incident at Los Angeles International Airport on Instagram. 


Singleton’s Instagram page was flooded with words of support from fellow survivors.

 “That is the motto of every cancer survivor and for people that have lost someone to cancer!!” one user wrote.

The airline said its policies “prohibit clothing that displays offensive statements and inappropriate language from being worn on board” however, it said that during this incident “our team should have taken the broader context of the message displayed on the customer’s shirt into consideration when explaining our policies.”

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