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Cadillac unveils flying vehicle, autonomous luxury van concepts

Cadillac’s classic slogan may be “The Standard of the World,” but it’s thinking about becoming the “Standard of the Sky.”


During its CES presentation on Tuesday, the car … uh, vehicle-make unveiled a vertical takeoff and landing drone that GM design chief Mike Simcoe said was “designed for the moment when time is of the essence and convenience is everything.”


The idea is an autonomous electric vehicle would transfer riders between “vertiports” as they take advantage of its panoramic view to look down at everyone stuck in traffic.



Simcoe was clear that it is just a concept that shows Cadillac is getting ready for such a future to become reality, but didn’t say when he thinks that will be.


More down to earth is a fully-autonomous Cadillac van sort of thing, with scissors doors, a luxurious wraparound sofa interior and both voice and gesture controls, that’s like a luxury version of the upcoming Cruise Origin autonomous taxi.


Cadillac also used the show to tease a production flagship electric sedan called the Celestiq that has a display screen the full width of the dashboard and a glass roof with individually dimmable quadrants for each of the four outboard passengers.


The Celestiq is expected to go on sale in 2022.

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