“Blackout” author Candace Owen and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk join “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss the impact of cancel-culture”>cancel culture<

CHARLIE KIRK: This is a cultural fire alarm. I mean, we have young people that want to start groups or even write an essay, like about Candace, in support of their country, and they are being accused of things that they not only do, but things they don’t believe. Where are the adults in this situation?

Where are the adults that are going to start to stand up and realize that the next generation that’s standing up for freedom in our country is worthy of protection, in this situation? It takes courage to be a young conservative. It’s time for adults to start to protect young people’s right to organize and speak their mind.

CANDACE OWEN: This thought process that we keep seeing that conservatives are not allowed to exist, that being conservative is backwards and it’s wrong, and especially when it comes to the education system taking part in this, right? Smearing and labeling their own students, these students having to transfer out of schools. This is systematic bullying that’s happening, but worse than that, it’s propagandist. 

What we’re seeing happening right now in the schools is they’re saying this is the acceptable way that human beings must think. This young girl you brought up…picked me, a black person, for Black History Month, and she was accused of being a racist. I mean, that is so twisted and perverted and wrong. It would be funny if it wasn’t so cruel that led to her actually having to transfer out of this school. This is a problem. Charlie, you are correct. Parents have to start speaking out, not just speaking out, but suing. You have to start suing the schools because they’re ruining the lives of young children.