Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., argued Tuesday on “America Reports” that Democrats reintroducing the Green New Deal “is about the far left trying to change and reshape our economy” target=”_blank”>economy< vision.”

Mace made the comments shortly after Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., and alexandria-ocasio-cortez” target=”_blank”>Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,<, now expanding that proposal. Ocasio-Cortez said during the news conference on Tuesday that the proposal “creates a plan for 20 million union jobs in the United States of America” to rebuild infrastructure and expand access to mass transit, among other things.  She noted that the legislation has 103 House cosponsors. 

The broader idea of a Green New Deal, once an idea on the fringe of the party, has picked up mainstream Democratic support — a sign of the Democratic Party’s lurch to the left in recent years.

In fact, last month when joe-biden” target=”_blank”>President Biden< to rebuild the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, it included pumping money into renewable energy and combating climate change. The $2.25 trillion measure will be funded largely by raising taxes on U.S. corporations.


Mace has also been a vocal critic of the infrastructure bill, saying in a Fox News op-ed that it is essentially the Green New Deal and incorporates a “socialist wish list.”

She noted that the infrastructure plan contains “large swaths of the socialist ‘Green New Deal,’ which remains firmly planted on the brains and wish lists of socialists in the House and Senate – despite both Congress and voters rejecting the bill.”

Democrats to reintroduce Green New Deal: 'We need a smarter approach' Video

“There’s been more damage done in this administration in the first 100 days than thought possible in four years,” she said on Tuesday.

“With trying to do a Green New Deal and a housing bill worth about $192 billion, this is on top of a wasteful infrastructure bill costing $2 trillion, almost half of which would be Green New Deal type of spending,” Mace explained.

“I don’t know how you sell this to the American people,” she added. “This is not good for the American people.”

Mace argued that instead of “having the federal government in charge and subsidizing this every step of the way,” if incentives are given to businesses in the private sector, “together we can improve our environment and be greener.”

She stressed the importance of going about it in a bipartisan way.

“But what we’re seeing now is the continued power of the far left, the stranglehold they have over Capitol Hill,” Mace said. “This will not be done in a bipartisan way much like the infrastructure package, and it’s sickening and sad because we had a real opportunity to lead our country out of a crisis and everything right now is so partisan.”