Late night host Seth Meyers declared that “democracy is on fire” after the judiciary ruling on the Texas Heartbeat Act.

On Wednesday’s “Late Night” episode, Meyers lamented that the nation faced “a series of massive existential crises” that included a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that upheld us-regions’ most recent judiciary ban.

The Texas Heartbeat Act, signed into law by Republican Gov. greg-abbott” target=”_blank”>Greg Abbott<.


Meyers described the act as “the right’s intensifying assault on Roe v. Wade, which took a horrifying turn last week when the Supreme Court, in the dead of night, upheld a heinous and truly diabolical law in Texas that bans abortions in brazen defiance of Supreme Court precedent and the Constitution.”

Meyers then played a clip from a September 2 episode of “All In with Chris Hayes” where the MSNBC host denounced the Supreme Court justices.

“In the dead of night. They did it in the dead of night, five Republican Supreme Court justices, including three appointed by Donald Trump, a man who lost the popular vote in 2016 by nearly three million votes, they destroyed a woman’s right to bodily autonomy and reproductive choice,” Hayes said.

Meyers similarly called out the three justices, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney-Barrett, who were nominated by a “deeply unpopular one-term president who lost the popular vote by three million.” 

He said “They gutted a woman’s right to choose in Texas, and who knows where else next, despite never commanding majority support from the American people.”

Meyers also demanded “far-reaching changes” such as eliminating the electoral college asking “how much clearer can it get that our democracy is on fire?”

“I mean, how much clearer can it get that our democracy is on fire and that we desperately need far-reaching changes like Supreme Court reform, eliminating the electoral college, banning gerrymandering and radically expanding voting rights and just to underscore the point, the dissents from liberal justices were righteous in their fury and accurately captured just how reckless and grotesque this ruling was,” Meyers said.


Late night “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee made similar comments on her Wednesday show through a profanity-laced monologue.

“You f—ing cowards,” Bee said. “If you’re taking away our reproductive rights, at least own that you are gutless monsters.”

Other media pundits also expressed open fear and disgust following the Supreme Court ruling.