Bret Baier’s “The Unauthorized History of Taxes”, a new series that traces the long and complex relationship between American taxpayers and their government, is now available to stream in its entirety on Fox Nation.

Tackling the tax policies that have spanned centuries, the series reveals the surprising ways in which decisions about taxes have affected much of American life.

The first of five episodes, ‘Revolution and Revolt: From the Magna Carta to The Whiskey Rebellion,’ begins the story with Americans taking up arms against taxes they deemed unfair, and traces these values back to the Magna Carta.

“What we tax, how we tax and who we tax, those decisions have shaped American history from the beginning of the republic today,” said Baier.

The series follows the evolution of tax implementation, beginning with 18th century Americans and charting a course through history to modern-day. Despite taxes having served as the impetus for revolution and the birth of the United States, their impact on individuals remains unchanged today. 


The second episode of the special dissects how the Civil War led to the creation of the IRS by President Abraham Lincoln, with the third breaking down how the Great Depression and two World Wars caused Americans to further bolster the power of the federal government.

In the latter half of the series, Baier analyzes the policies enacted by President Kennedy and Reagan, who relied on tax cuts to run successful campaigns and fuel economic growth.

Finally, the special hypothesizes how taxpayers might react to expensive social programs proposed by President Joe Biden, and the mobility of companies to move their money from high tax states to lower ones.

“Our country was born fighting [taxes],” Baier said. “Why are we now at their mercy?”

Available to stream now, “The Unauthorized History of Taxes” reminds Americans how taxes influence human behavior – and how their unintended consequences have shaped American history.  

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