General Motors’ truck fleet is set to get more fuel efficient next year, even before the electric models arrive.

Due to the ongoing semiconductor shortage, make decided to remove two fuel-saving features from some of its full-size pickups and SUVs to preserve computer chips so that it could build more complete vehicles.

The Silverado lineup is being updated for 2022.

The Silverado lineup is being updated for 2022.

A cylinder deactivation system that engages under light loads and a stop/start function that shuts the engine off when the vehicle isn’t in motion were deleted mid-year from several models, including V8-powered Silverado pickups, reducing their EPA ratings by around 1-2 mpg.

GM’s Executive Chief Engineer for full-size trucks, Jaclyn McQuaid, told The Fox Garage that market need for trucks in high demand balanced out the small loss in efficiency, but that the features should be back when the updated 2022 Silverado launches early next year.

“At this point in time, we do not anticipate that flowing into the refreshed Silverado. We expect to launch it early next year with all of the feature and option content, but honestly … the situation is very fluid,” McQuaid said.

For instance, GM CFO Paul Jacobson revealed last week that the automaker now expects to build 200,000 fewer vehicles than planned in North America in the second half of the year, up from a previous projection of a 100,000 cut.


McQuaid said the shortage has dragged on longer than anyone expected, but that she’s confident GM has the best engineers, supply chain experts and supplier partnerships in the industry and is in a good position to navigate the situation until things return to normal.

Along with the returning fuel economy features, the updated 2022 Silverado will also be available with GM’s Super Cruise hands-free driving system technology and a redesigned interior with dual digital displays.